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Pre-Work Finance I:
Time Value of Money
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Balance Sheet
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Forté Foundation MBA Women's Conference

Chicago, June 18, 2010

Math Prep: Build Your Quantitative IQ

"This two-hour workshop will build on the pre-work coverage of finance and accounting basics to develop insight into the ongoing credit market crisis. Rather than do a broad but shallow survey of quant skills needed in the MBA first year, I've picked a few tools and a relevant topic from the current business press. We'll dig into the basics of bond valuation and balance sheet leverage with two goals in mind:

  • Whet your appetite for your upcoming MBA coursework
  • Provide a status check on your quantitative proficiency."
 Dr. Peter J. Regan
Founder, MBA Math
Adjunct Professor, Tuck School at Dartmouth
Adjunct Professor, Fuqua School at Duke
Visiting Adjunct Professor, Johnson School at Cornell


Registration is handled by Forté. Visit the conference web site for registration, timing, and location.


You will get the most out of the workshop if you prepare in advance by working through the pre-work narrated lectures and individual exercises listed at the left. The pre-work does not presume any prior experience with finance or accounting. The workshop builds on this pre-work. The pre-work is adapted for the Forté workshop from the 24 lessons of the full MBA Math course, which covers finance, accounting, economics, statistics, and spreadsheets.

For many undergrad classes, professors introduce material in class. Student responsibility to read texts and do homework comes later. MBA classes are different. Faculty expect students to prepare for 3-4 hours before each class, usually in study groups. Class time is the culmination, where everything is supposed to come together. This approach makes much better use of your professors' expertise and facilitates much higher quality student contribution to discussion.

How long should the workshop pre-work take? Well, that depends on your background. But I'd estimate between one and two hours.

Can you come to the workshop without doing the pre-work? Yes. But, without doing the pre-work you'll likely just skim across the surface, convinced that I understand the material but not locking in your own understanding.

Note about Pre-Work Excel Solutions: I took the pre-work Excel solution tutorials directly from the MBA Math course. Some Excel tutorials refer to values used in the narrated lecture. Those narrated lecture examples are different than the Forte pre-work narrated lecture examples so the exact numbers will not match. Use the Forte pre-work text exercise solutions to check exact solution values. Use the Excel tutorials to understand how to build solution worksheets.

What to Bring to the Workshop

Just the basics: paper and pen. A laptop is unnecessary. We will look at a few things in Excel but you could follow along without a laptop, especially if you have solved the pre-work problems in Excel.

Testimonials for the full MBA Math Quantitative Skills course

"As someone who hadn’t solved a math problem since high school I owe my admission to the Tuck Class of 2009 to MBA Math. During the admission process I relied on MBA Math as an additional indicator of my quantitative abilities."

- Anne T., Tuck '09

"The MBA Math internet tool was instrumental to my smooth transition to graduate school. After completing the first semester and doing very well, I was pleased with the time that I invested working through the respective mbamath modules."

- Jelka D., McCombs '09

"MBA Math allowed me to learn at my own pace and focus on the areas in which I had the most difficulty. The tutorials were very clear and the content was very applicable to my first year courses."

- Lenika D., McDonough '08

"MBA Math is unique in that it provides the flexibility to work at one’s own pace to meet personal objectives. It’s a great transition to graduate school."

- Jessica G., Olin '09

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