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Learn MBA-Ready Quantitative and Spreadsheet Skills

Learn MBA-Ready Quant, Spreadsheet & Accounting Skills

Whether you’re applying or admitted, you learn the quantitative and spreadsheet skills required for MBA (or related MS) program success. With MBA Math you spend 15 to 30 hours working online according to your own schedule to build a solid base of MBA skills in finance, accounting, economics, statistics, and spreadsheets.

Give Your MBA (or related MS) Application a Boost

Give Your MBA (or related MS) Application a Boost

The MBA Math transcript summarizes your effort and learning. You can review your MBA Math transcript at any time. Applicants, you can send your official MBA Math transcript to as many as 10 top business schools of your choice. Free of charge.

Help Your Students Start Classes Better Prepared

Help Your Students Start Classes Better Prepared

The MBA Math online course helps your students to help themselves get ready for the MBA (or related MS) quant core. As an administrator you can monitor your students' progress and follow up with them between admission and arrival.

What's Covered in the MBA Math Course

Review the Course Topics

MBA Math is taught by Professor Regan, who teaches internationally for top MBA programs. Students watch videos, solve problems, review detailed solutions, and take quizzes to demonstrate proficiency. Working at their own pace, students choose their own path through the course material.

Watch the Course Intros

  • Economics
  • Marginal Analysis (Tables, Formulas)
  • Marginal Analysis (Calculus)
  • Supply and Demand
  • Accounting
  • Balance Sheet (Basic)
  • Balance Sheet (Intermediate)
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Statement Connections
  • T Accounts
  • Journal
  • Finance
  • Annual Time Value of Money
  • Sub-Annual Time Value of Money
  • Constant Annuity / Perpetuity
  • Growing Annuity / Perpetuity
  • Bonds
  • Net Present Value
  • Statistics
  • Basic Statistics
  • Linear Combinations
  • Probability
  • Regression
  • Normal Distribution
  • Sampling
  • Inference

Learn Concepts and Solution Techniques

Finance Highlights

Statistics Highlights

Economics Highlights

Accounting Highlights

Top Schools Trust MBA Math

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Dozens of MBA and Specialized Masters programs trust MBA Math to prepare thousands of incoming students each year for the quantitative demands of graduate business coursework

  • Full-Time
  • Cornell (Johnson)
  • Dartmouth (Tuck)
  • Kent State
  • Illinois Springfield
  • Kentucky (Gatton)
  • Michigan State (Broad)
  • Mississippi State
  • Ohio State (Fisher)
  • Providence
  • Part-Time
  • Babson
  • Boston University (Questrom)
  • Carleton (Sprott)
  • Florida Southern (Barnett)
  • Georgia WebMBA
  • Johns Hopkins (Carey)
  • Tennessee (Haslam)
  • Villanova
  • William & Mary (Mason)
  • Executive
  • Baylor (Hankamer)
  • California Irvine (Merage)
  • Chicago (Booth)
  • Duke (Fuqua)
  • Mercer
  • Northwestern (Kellogg)
  • Notre Dame (Mendoza)
  • Sungkyunkwan (SKK)
  • Texas A&M (Mays)
  • Specialized
  • Oklahoma (Price)
  • Southern California (Marshall)
  • Southern Methodist (Cox)
  • Texas El Paso
  • Toronto (Munk)
  • Tufts (Fletcher)
  • Utah (Eccles)
  • Vermont (Grossman)
  • Virginia (Darden/McIntire)

Since 2005, MBA Math Has Prepared Over 105,000 Students for Success

"I feel far more confident entering such a quant-heavy program after having worked my way through the MBA Math course. It is excellent, and entirely understandable even to someone who had not seen many of the concepts presented since high school."

-Joshua I., Chicago (Booth)

"MBA Math was the cornerstone of my independent preparations for a number of reasons. For me, I found it to be the best way to become familiar with unfamiliar terminology early on, the best introduction to the process of solving problems in Excel, and perhaps most importantly, a painless and efficient way to learn the essentials."

-Peter P., Harvard (HBS)

"Working through the material on my own allowed me to put extra emphasis on unfamiliar material. The course topics were clearly outlined and the lectures and exercises gave a nice overview of the content I encountered in greater depth when the academic year began."

-Andrew T., Penn (Wharton)

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