Course Topics


These lessons cover the basics of working with single and multiple cash flows. Our temporal perspective can be forward looking (projecting future cash flows) or backward looking (computing the current value of future cash flows).

Solution methods include manual formula sequences, spreadsheets, and financial calculators. We strongly recommend focusing on spreadsheet solutions to build facility with the pervasive MBA analytical tool.


Annual Time Value of Money

Single cash flows from one year to a different year

4 exercises

Sub-Annual Time Value of Money

Single cash flows with interest applied more than once per year

4 exercises

Constant Annuity / Perpetuity

Multiple periodic equal cash flows (e.g., loan)

2 exercises

Growing Annuity / Perpetuity

Multiple periodic growing cash flows (e.g., pension)

2 exercises


Debt that combines coupon annuity and single final payment

4 exercises

Net Present Value

Multiple irregular cash flows to represent business situation

3 exercises

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