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The entire MBA Math quant skills course covering finance, accounting, economics, statistics, and spreadsheets, is available as a one-year term for $149.

This is a fraction of the $700 price for Professor Regan’s live, one-week course.

What distinguishes MBA Math?

MBA focused: MBA Math is focused on the needs of incoming students at top MBA programs and is adapted from years of live teaching.

Time efficient: You don't need a full pre-MBA course in finance, accounting, economics, statistics, or spreadsheets. Sure, that wouldn't hurt. But if your time is limited (and whose isn't?) you can get yourself in MBA Math shape by mastering basic concepts and skills in each MBA Math subject. The goal is to be ready to start your core MBA courses, not to have already taken them.

Convenient: MBA Math has no fixed class times or deadlines. You work at your own pace, according to your particular needs, making use of the teaching materials as you wish.

Money Back Guarantee 

If for any reason during the first 24 hours after you purchase your MBA Math subscription, you are dissatisfied with the course, we will refund your money. See Refund Policy.