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Students from over 150 of the world's top business schools use MBA Math to refine and prove their quantitative proficiency.

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Skip What You Already Know

Every lesson provides a pre-quiz to allow experienced students to prove proficiency and move on to the next lesson. Students with no prior experience can skip the pre-quiz and start the lesson.

Self-Paced Math Lessons in a Business Context

Every MBA (or related MS) student learns the quantitative subjects that business leaders must know to make solid decisions. We teach MBA Math in the context of Finance, Accounting, Economics, Statistics, and Spreadsheets.

Hands-On Training with Drills & Solutions

After learning the concepts through the narrated lecture and seeing the formula summary, students work through drill exercises to analyze data and solve problems in common business scenarios using Excel spreadsheets.

Monitor Progress

The MBA Math personalized dashboard shows progress through an activity feed and simple progression charts.

Test Your Knowledge (with Retakes as Needed)

Upon completing desired drill exercises, students can prove their quantitative proficiency in the post-quiz. If results are not satisfactory, students can return to the teaching materials and drill exercises before retaking a new post-quiz. The goal is to achieve proficiency eventually, not necessarily the first time.


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